Irma Klukas
The head of creative and image projects.
I help companies build brand awareness and engage customers through events, activities and image projects.

I specialize in fashion, design and education projects. I know how important the image is.

I am passionate about creating pages on Tilda.
What can I do for you?
I will help to think up, fill and implement a good project.
  • Manage the project
    Describe the processes in clear language, select and supervise the project team and external contractors, track deadlines, and analyze project results.
  • Increase brand recognition
    Develop a concept of image project, taking into account the goals of the company, the target audience and  trends.
  • Attract customers
    Thinking up and implementing a project to attract clients: educational, entertainment, image. I work with integrations.
  • Develop a creative concept
    I understand social trends, emotion design and meanings. So I can create a concept that will evoke emotion.
  • Bring a new product to market
    Analyze the market and competitors. Determine product positioning and fill in the chips. Pack: develop landing page, design social networks. Determine promotion channels and launch the product.
  • Develop a promotion strategy
    Choose promotion channels suitable for the target audience and  goals of the project. Develop a promotion plan, run the promotion.
  • Develop promotional materials
    I know Tilda, Figma, Photoshop, HTML — base. Understanding in design, visual storytelling, text editing.
Implemented projects
Every project is a story.
Internships for fashion specialists
2017—2019, Milan, Paris
With groups of stylists we went on internships and shopping tours. I was responsible for announcing and promoting, recruiting the group, coordinating the internships on site. In all this time we did 4 shopping tours in Milan and 2 fashion analyst internships in Paris. We went to modern art fairs, practiced, met fashion-market representatives. I fondly remember these trips in which we were full of knowledge and inspiration.

2018, Milan
2019, Milan
2019, Paris

In 2018 we with team launched the first project in the;Urals, aimed at developing Street Style. We gathered stylish people of the city and invited photographers. During that time we had 5 meetings, one of them was in collaboration with Sandarina and Mega Yekaterinburg. I worked on developing the website, announcing the event, getting photographers and stylists for the project. This project was stylish and always brought creativity and inspiration!

Project website
Fashion & Future & Force
In 2018 and 2019 with the team of the Higher School of Image and Style we held strategic sessions for the creative industry. We gathered opinion leaders, invited creative people and built a dialogue between fashion industry participants in order to address common market development issues. I was involved in the project working out and  implementing the concept of the event, developing the site, inviting speakers and guests, filling out the program, involving partners. I remember how we  printed invitations on frosted tracing paper, and twisted 150 bracelets for each participant the night before the project to give a souvenir as a gift :-)
Corporate training of the Brightfit team
For two years we ve been doing corporate training for Brightfit with a team from the Higher School of Image and Style. The team trained for three weeks, during which we pumped up the styling, makeup and psychology. I coordinated the project, made schedules for participants, recruited a team of instructors, supervised attendance, and checked participants' assignments. It was always a week full of discovery and inspiration from participants. We tried different styles and makeups, learned to listen to ourselves and developed. you can see the feedback by the hashtag.

2020, #brightservice2020
Fashion incubator and support platform
2020, COVID-19 pandemic
Just before the pandemic, my team and I launched a project to pump up our image and confidence. I remember the last week of the project hit lockdown and we had an emergency sit down at home. Everyone was in shock and didn#t know how to arrange our lives now. But we went on with the project, which ended up being very supportive of the participants. The incubator then grew into a support platform for Fashion professionals "VSHIS ZEN" where we did live shows and training. We invited opinion leaders - Alexander Rogov, Anna Glazkova, Anastasia Fisenko, Andrei Burmatikov (Faberlic), Rodion Mamontov (creator of LEFORM). As a result we formed a platform on which we gathered in week 2000 people. I ran the project, invited participants, designed materials for them, and accompanied them in training and activities. The whole lockdown was full and we got to meet a ton of cool professionals!

About Project

Together with the team of the Higher School of Image and Style we  held the final of the contest for representatives of fashion-industry together with MEGA Ekaterinburg and the Foundation for the Support of Entrepreneurs. I did the team gathering, the contest branding, printing of materials and banners, organizing activity areas for the audience of the contest, and also the stage set up together with the Orgmaster team.

About Project
Forum "Innovation and Fashion"
With the team of the Higher School of Image and Style we conducted an open dialogue with representatives of the creative community in the fashion sphere by order of the Sverdlovsk Regional Fund for Entrepreneurs Support. I  prepared a website for the event, and designed the forum's corporate style. By the way, it was one of my#favorites, look at it :-)

Innovation and Fashion
Shooting Demo for Bank "Tochka"
This project has a special place in my heart. Working with the  dot team is an inspiration and a delight! I picked the team of stylists and makeup artists for shoots, coordinated the image collection for speakers, and then we shot the spots 24 hours a day. Each reel was a little story about Tochkas' successes, and we saved up jokes and memories and worked on the project sometimes for 15 hours :-)

New Year's Big Demo, January.
Big Demo, April.
Big Demo, June.
Big Demo, August.

Shooting culinary lessons for the GUICCIARDINI STROZZI winery
In the summer of 2022 I was able to work on a project in Italy with the Strozzi. They are a princely family of Italian aristocrats with an ancient pedigree. They own one of the biggest and oldest vineyards in Tuscany, in a villa dating back to 994. Today the Guicciardini Strozzi winery produces 22 varieties of wine. The oldest and most important is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, known since the 13th century. Together with a chef from Yekaterinburg we went to Italy in order to make video lessons with recipes for Tuscan dishes that perfectly match Strozzi wine. It was my first foreign project which I remember with a lot of warmth. We lived in a villa, drank wine and as a small team we#took#a#tude to a villa where Tony Blair, Berlusconi, Sarkozy and other world# presidents# once stayed. Another part of the team did the work of auditing the winery, preparing presentations on the winery and new projects, and re-launching projects already in progress.

Guicciardini Strozzi winery website
The first Street Style project in the Urals, Russia.
Fashion & Future & Force
Strategic session of representatives of the creative industry.
Open dialogue between representatives of the creative community in the field of fashion.

Launched products
I help experts create and launch online courses, marathons, events, mentoring projects and professional platforms.
Projects Now
Now I run projects in education and creativity :-)
  • Bureau Gorbunov
    Bureau Gorbunov is a tuned‑in design bureau on the mission of spreading the knowledge. Bureau publish interactive books on design and teach students in own schools of product design, copywriting, and project management. Of course, bureau also design and help launch amazing products for our clients.
    Since 2022 I have worked with the bureau team and promoted the courses. Every single product of the bureau is quality and I recommend them to everyone. So come learn!

    I write in Telegram about creativity, concepts, creative professions, fashion analytics, global trends. Come visit :-)

    View Channel
Email me if you want to invite me to project or come up with something new together.
Web Portfolio
Creating expert pages, events, online courses, restaurants, pastries for my soul.
Create a company page with all the services and highlight a new area of focus - education.
Create a page for an event host with a description of work formats.
To formalize all areas of the Mint Family
Create a page about the expert with a description of skills, competencies, experience, services. Show all the areas of the expert's work, projects, products.
Create a page for an event host with a description of work formats and an emphasis on humor and standup.
Create a landing page to inform about the event and register those wishing to attend the Open House at the school
Create a page about strategy session with program and experts. Arrange for applications for the event.
To describe the course and show what the student will learn in the course.
Create a page for the mediator with descriptions of skills, competencies, experience, services.
To tell about course for stylists on positioning and make an application collection form.
To formalize all areas of the legal agency's activities
Email me at mail to order a website or page
My education
The head of creative and image projects.